• Secure the International Standard Book Number (The ISBN is necessary for retail selling of the book)
  • Secure your book’s copyright from the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Help you decide on the appropriate retail price of the book
  • Secure the barcode
  • Manage the design of the front and back cover (to your satisfaction)
  • Write the front and back cover content
  • Manage the interior design and formatting
  • Manage the production of the e-book version
  • Make sure your book gets listed on Amazon
  • Write the Amazon page content
  • Consult with you on how to manage your account and track sales
  • Send you the first 25 copies of your book
  • Write a press release 
  • Help you with marketing ideas
  • You own all of your publishing 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me to have you ghost write my book?


Unless you anticipate that your book is significantly different from the norm (much longer, for instance, or perhaps requiring lots of research) you can expect a fee range  starting from $12,000-30,000+ depending on the length of the project. This includes both the writing and the publishing process which includes everything from concept to delivery of the finished product and it will be available on Amazon. We even include the first 25 copies for you.

Ghostwriting Book (including all stages listed):

 - 150-200 pages starts at $17,000

 - 200-300 pages starts at $25,000

 - 300+ pages starts at $30,000

Rewriting Book from rough manuscript:

 - 150-200 pages starts at $15,000

 - 200-300 pages starts at $20,000

 - 300+ pages starts at $25,000