Essay Writing can involve a host of writing genres, many of which a student may not be fully skilled in preparing. It requires the ability to conduct research, to collate that research in an organized way and then the actual composition of the rough and final drafts. Organizational skills, along with solid formal composition ability are both required, if students are to produce written works that are worthy of good grades. In fact, students face a huge number of written assignment tasks during their schooling careers, and it is common that they will need assistance.

Many students seeking admission to an institution should understand that they are competing against other students who have backgrounds and credentials very similar to theirs. To beat out that competition, you have to stand out from the rest of the pack. One of those ways is to put together a well thought out response to the essay questions. In most cases, students will be given essay prompts to which they must respond. The prompts will be geared around personal experiences that made an impact on the student’s decision to choose a particular academic major, future career goals, etc. The student may have great information and ideas but translating them into an engaging and exciting essay requires creativity and superior composition skills. This is where we come in to help you.


How do I send my paper in for review?

You can send it to

What are the turnaround times on papers that are being reviewed?

Turnaround times vary depending on the size of the project but most reviews can be completed within 1-10 days when there is more than 24 hours notice for your specific deadline. Any paper that falls under this category will cost 6 cents a word and will be reviewed for grammatical errors, content, and flow. 

What is the cost if you are given less than 24 hours notice?

All reviews that require a rush review service will still be checked for grammatical errors, content, and flow but the price will be 12 cents a word.

How many words are on a typical essay page?

A standard essay page contains between 250-275 words per page. 


How do you protect my payment information?

We have an SSL secure payment processing procedure, through a third-party, with continually updated firewalls. All credit card, bank, and/or PayPal account information is fully encrypted. We have never experience a security breach. Our security is the same as that of any major web retailer (e.g., Amazon).