So You Want To Publish A Book (PT. 1)

Okay so you want to get your book published but don’t know where to start? Some of the things that you must consider prior to writing are:

1)      Why are you writing the book?

2)      Who is the targeted demographic?

3)      What is your marketing plan?

4)      How much will the book cost?

5)      When will your book be available?


After you write that down, the most important question of all to answer is:

     6)      Where do people buy your book?


There are a few ways to answer question number 6. People can buy your work at bookstores, online retailers, and directly from you. Direct to consumer sales can happen at a book signing, out of the trunk of your car, or even on your website. Sometimes, a combination of all of these things can work for you too. The one thing that must be emphasized in your plan of attack is to have more money coming in than what goes out.


Let’s take a look at a basic scenario involving the selling of a $14.00 book with an online retailer. There are many ways that are offered to increase the amount of money that goes out all under the perception of having your work on a well-known site.                                        

Example #1 

You have decided to publish your work with one of the Amazon Self Publishing Services. For Standard Distribution they charge you 60 percent of your retail price of $14, which means they receive $8.40 and you get $5.60. How does that math look to you? Let’s refer back to questions 2 and 3. Who is the targeted demographic? What is your marketing plan?


Many of us have justified being on Amazon because ‘everyone’ has heard of them and shouldn’t have a problem finding your book right? Ok so while your book sits on Amazon’s website, ask yourself are they marketing your book? The answer would be no. Just because you tell people that your book is there doesn’t mean that it’s being marketed. There is also no ‘targeted’ demographic as well. In essence you are relinquishing $8.40 off of your $14.00 book so you can tell people that it’s on Amazon.


Here is the other side of the equation that we also tend to leave out, every person that purchases a copy of your book from Amazon is THEIR customer and NOT YOURS. Why did I emphasize that? In order for you to know the targeted and ACTUAL demographic, you need to know who your customers are. The only way to do that is to sell directly to them from your own website.