Love & Basketball: Memoirs of Life examines the complex and intertwined relationships between sports and society. The poems delve into the topics of empowerment, love, racial discrimination, and poverty. Through the eyes of a young man who has dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional basketball player, Grooms expounds on his own life experiences in the inner city, taking the reader on a journey into adulthood. The game of basketball was supposed to be an escape from the harsh realities of life but he finds out that the game teaches you life lessons on and off of the court. C. Grooms invites you to take a closer look at your own life and see how similar we all are. If you've ever played sports, been in love, or lived in the inner city, this book is for you.


C. Grooms was born in Harlem, NYC during the heart of the black power movement in the 1960's. His formative years were spent between Harlem and Brooklyn. During the last 20 years he has gained invaluable experience in every level of the educational system from being an elementary school teacher to working as an administrator in college athletics and recreation. His vast knowledge in the areas of Behavioral Sciences, Sports Management, Media & Communications, and History enables C to depict life from various angles and circumstances that often go unnoticed by the masses but he is able to transform his writing into a visual image in your mind.

C, the Great-Nephew of the esteemed late Councilwoman Mrs. Mary Pinkett, also works hard to establish himself as a pillar in the Harlem and Prospect Heights communities in which he was raised by providing direct mentoring to the youth. C is married with three children and resides in Harlem.


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