We Were Us is an examination of what is—and what was—through a reflexive lens focused on future, and past, relationships. All roses have died, and, ultimately, the love here is inaccessible. We Were Us is just as unapologetic as it is empathetic.


Tejan Green

Tejan Green is a Jamaican born writer/educator who currently works in the writing programs of Columbia University and Long Island University. She holds a BA from Hunter College, an MFA from Long Island University and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in English. She currently resides in New York with her family.

Jeremy Beauregard

After earning a Bachelor of Arts and Science from the University of Vermont in 2004, Jeremy Beauregard received a Master's of Fine Arts in 2009 from Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus), before returning to Vermont, and completing a Master's in the Art of Teaching at UVM; where he currently works, and is pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. While he misses Brooklyn, he's living in Vermont- with his cat Joey (and plans on returning home to NYC soon).


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